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Diary of a Mad Poet - Volume I: Book by URBAN Poet

Diary of a Mad Poet - Volume I

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ISBN: 9781618978639    Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency Year of publishing: 2013     Format:  Hardback No of Pages: 312        
I have seen both sides of America - the ghetto and Wall Street. Unfortunately, the past decade has not shown America in a good light. I would like to apologize to the world, also to the American middle...Read more
I have seen both sides of America - the ghetto and Wall Street. Unfortunately, the past decade has not shown America in a good light. I would like to apologize to the world, also to the American middle class, poor, disabled, and senior citizens for enduring an America that has been un-American. My writings reflect the bad and good in America and I hope it inspires America to do better. My style of writing is not poetry, but rather hip hop on paper. For example: I don't know what to do I can't tell angels from demons Demons from angels Don't know if these women wanna be loved or strangled Don't know if they wear chains or bangles Don't know if they're strippin' or tango All these dudes flossin' They say they got paper, but when they walk, they jangle Don't know if these politicians for real or got an angle Don't know if these preachers married to the church or sangle America, she doesn't know the Lord's Prayer But she knows the Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangle I would like to apologize in advance if some of my writings seem harsh and offensive. However, my writings reflect the external world as I experienced it.
My experiences have influenced and shaped my internal world, the way I think and feel. I pray that you have had many more positive experiences than I. Welcome to my world, the world of URBAN Poet. I am in love with a country that sometimes doesn't love me. I am disappointed in America and angry at government, politicians, religion, and citizens who have chosen greed and selfishness over humanity. Furthermore, I am disappointed in the world and all the evil, injustice, prejudice, poverty, and corruption. Today we live in the new age of Sodom and Gomorrah. An environment where money is god, sex is casual, and love conditional. These are the things that motivated and inspired me to write this book. Writing as the URBAN Poet, this is my first book. My next two books will be titled Diary of a Mad Poet - Volume 2 and From the Ghetto to Wall Street. My parents lived in a very poor community in Grenada, Mississippi. In search of better living conditions, they moved to Chicago. I was born in Maplewood Projects, on the West Side of Chicago. I had a physically abusive father. I ran away from home at the age of fifteen, but still attended high school for food and shelter.
After high school, my life went on a downward spiral for many years. When I fell to the bottom, I wondered, "Why was I poor and the rich man rich?" I came to the conclusion that it had to be more than race, it had to be education. Shortly afterward, I enrolled in college and started receiving an abundance of loans, scholarships and grants. After tuition and rent were paid, I invested in the stock market. I continued on this course for seven years and received a bachelor of science in accounting and a master's in finance, while managing to develop a large investment portfolio. I've been working on Wall Street since I graduated. Currently I live in Atlanta, my income is well into the six-figure range, and I have traveled around the world. Publisher's website:
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