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Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior: Book by John W. Slocum

Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior

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ISBN: 9788131502419    Publisher: CENGAGE PUBLICATION Year of publishing: 2010     Format:  Paperback Language: English
Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior presents classic and emerging organizational behavior trends and research, making the subject both accessible and meaningful for students. To make the connection...Read more
Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior presents classic and emerging organizational behavior trends and research, making the subject both accessible and meaningful for students. To make the connection between theory and practice, the authors include timely examples, exercises, and high-interest cases. To help students focus and understand the importance of organizational behavior, the authors introduce seven managerial competencies that are essential to being an effective leader or member of an organization. These competencies are introduced early and woven throughout in special features, exercises, and an interactive self-assessment tool.

Key Feature

Chapter-Opening Preview Cases: Each chapter opens with a Preview Case. It sets the stage for the topics discussed in the chapter and serves either to introduce one or more of the foundation competencies or to provide a new slant on them. Frequent flashbacks to the Preview Case refresh particular concepts, issues, and competencies to ensure that students make the all-important connections between theory and practice.

Competencies: The development of competencies is promoted throughout the book, building themes and solutions around a core of seven crucial and fundamental capabilities (managing self, managing communication, managing diversity, managing ethics, managing across cultures, managing teams, managing change). It is an orientation that is carefully framed at the outset and connections are made frequently throughout the text. Chapter 1 sets the stage for the continuous weaving of these seven foundation competencies into discussions and the applications that support them.

In-Chapter Competency Boxes: Each chapter includes four to six boxed inserts that mirror one of the seven competencies, providing insights, examples, and applications to assist students' competency development. These boxed inserts harmonize with the chapter's theories and topics, illustrating how organizations use organizational behavior theories to achieve high levels of performance reliably and credibly.

End-of-Chapter Developing Competencies Exercises, Questionnaires, and Cases: In addition to the boxed competency features within each chapter, each chapter ends with two Developing Competencies exercises, questionnaires, or cases. Each one focuses on the development of one of the seven foundation competencies. They provide an additional means for actively engaging students in the development of their own professional competencies and to deepen their understanding of the many facets of each competency.

Self-Assessment Instruments: Today's successful professionals and managers know that self-awareness is a crucial vantage point from which to improve individual and organizational effectiveness. This self-identification of strengths and needed improvements is an important first step in the process of learning to manage oneself and others effectively. The inclusion of many self-assessment instruments, at strategic points throughout the text, helps students identify their capabilities and thereby make needed adjustments. Although these self-assessment instruments assess each student's level of proficiency, their real focus is on suggesting ways for students to further sharpen their strengths, competencies, and related abilities for becoming effective professionals, managers, and leaders.
Table of Contents
Part I: Learning about organizational behavior.

Organizational Behavior and Foundation Competencies. Part II: Individuals in Organizations.

Understanding Individual Differences.

Perceptions and Attributions.

Learning and Reinforcement.

Fundamentals of Motivation.

Motivation through Goal Setting and Reward Systems.

Managing Stress and Aggressive Behavior. Part III: Leadership and Team Behaviors.

Leading Effectively: Foundations.

Leading Effectively: Contemporary Developments.

Developing and Leading Teams.

Managing Conflict and Negotiating Effectively.

Fostering Organizational Communication. Part IV: The Organization.

Managerial and Ethical Decision Making.

Designing Organizations.

Cultivating Organizational Culture.

Guiding Organizational Change. Part V: Integrating Cases.
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