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Genetics of Garden Plants 4th edn: Book by Morley Benjamin Crane

Genetics of Garden Plants 4th edn

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ISBN: 9788176221153    Publisher: Biotech Year of publishing: 2004     Format:  Hardcover No of Pages: xiii,351        Language: English
The aim of this book is twofold: first, to give an introduction to the essential principles of genetics and cytology, and secondly, to give an account of recent results in relation to horticulture. The science...Read more
The aim of this book is twofold: first, to give an introduction to the essential principles of genetics and cytology, and secondly, to give an account of recent results in relation to horticulture. The science of genetics has a wide horticultural application; it is of value to the plant-breeder, seeds-man and gardener in providing a detailed knowledge of variation and heredity, and guidance in the maintenance of purity in their stocks. Genetics may also be of value to the nurseryman whose business lies in the vegetative reproduction of plants. Our knowledge of the genetics of polyploids has been largely developed from investigations with horticultural plants, hence the genetics of garden plants is of direct interest to the student of genetics as well as of use to the plant-breeder and horticulturist. The book describe principles as simply as the technicalities of subject will allow, illustrating them with typical examples from a range of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and to give reference to the original sources of information which may be of interest to the scientists or students. The book will serve as an introduction to the science of genetics and particularly in its application to horticulture. Contents Chapter 1: The Genetics of Diploid Plants, Reproduction, Genetics, Cytology, Heredity, The gene, Dominance, Segregation, Pure lines, Incomplete dominance, Mendelian ratios, Complementary genes, Interaction of genes, Lethal genes, Multiple allelomorphs, Linkage, Qualitative and quantitative characters, Extra-nuclear inheritance; Chapter 2: The Cytology of Diploid Plants, The chromosomes, Mitosia, Meiosis, Germ-cell formation and fertilisation, The genes, Linkage, Crossing-over, Linkage in zea mays, Chromosome arrangement; Chapter 3: The Cytology and Genetics of Polyploids, Aneuploids, The origin of polyploids, The auto-polyploid, The Allo-polyploid, Secondary polyploids, Secondary association, Polyploids and segregation, Chromatid segregation, Multiple genes, Hybridisation and polyploidy, Asexual reproduction, Apomixis, Parthenogenesis, Vivipary; Chapter 4: Flowering and Ornamental Plants, The history and genetics of the sweet pea, the garden stock, primula sinensi, the diploid and tetraploid forms, Nemesia strumosa, Herbaceous plants, Inter-specific hybrids, Delphinium, Iris; Chapter 5: The Chemical and Genetical Basis of Flower Colour, Anthocyanins, Anthoxanthins, Plastid pigments, The chemistry and genetics of flower colour in streptocarpus, callistephus, dianthus caryophyllus, dahila and papaver; Chapter 6: Vegetable and Salad Plants, The history and genetics of the tomato, The induction and genetics of tetraploid tomatoes, Thi history of the garden pea, Mendel's investigations, The genetics of the garden pea, radish, lettuce, onion, beetroot, cucumber, Melon, Cabbage, The history and genetics of the potato; Chapter 7: Fruits, The genetics of peeches and neetarines, Correlations and disease resistance, The inheritance of colour and sex in raspberries, Rubus chamaemorus, Goosebrries, Currants, Cherries, Grapes, The origin and development of the garden strawberry, The cherry plum, Prunus domestica, Pears, Apples, diploid and triploid forms; Chapter 8: Heterosis, Theory of heterosis, Linkage, Heterosis in maize, in asexual reproduced plants, sorghum, egg plant, tomato, onion, Male sterility and heterosis; Chapter 9: Bud-sports, Variations and Fluctuations, Bud-sports, Graft chimaeras, Method of production, Solanum chimaeras, Cytisus adami, Crataegomespilus, Apple graft chimaeras, Autogenous chimaeras, bouvardia, pelargonium, apple, citrus, plum, pear, potato, coleus, rose, Infectious transmission, Somatic variations and plant-breeding, Variegated plants, Fluctuations, Environment; Chapter 10: Incompatibility, Self and cross-pollination, Pollen tube growth, The inheritance and behaviour of incompatibility, Self- and cross-incompatibility in nicotiana, Veronica, Verbascum, Cherries, Plums, Polyploidy and incompatibility, Apples and pears, Economic aspects, Heterostylism; Chapter 11: Sterility, Generational sterility, The gene-cells and sterility, Sterility and chromosome number, Rubus, Prunus, Fragaria, Vaccinium, Apples and pears, Triploidy and sterility, Inter-specific sterility, Relationship of chromosomes and fertility, Chromsome doubling, Morphological sterility, Strawberries; Chapter 12: Xenia, The action of foreign pollen, On the developing zygote, The endosperm, On maternal tissue; Chapter 13: The Origin of New and Improved Forms, Gene mutations, Cultivation, Auto-polyploids, Inter-specific hybrids, Allo-polyploids, The origin of dahila variabilis, prunus domestica, aesculus carnea, rubus loganobaccus, primula kewensis, etc., Constant hybrids, The induction of mutation and polyploids, Polyploidy, fertility and variation, The cumulative effects of genes, Breeding for specific purposes: hardiness, resistance to disease, etc., Hybrid vigous, The process of evolution; Appendix I: Chromosome Numbers of Cultivated Plants; Appendix II: Glossary; Appendix III: Bibliography.
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