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IGNOU B.LIB. GUIDE (BLI-221 to 224)

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ISBN: 9789382688013    Publisher: Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd Year of publishing: 2015     Format:  Paperback Language: English
BLI-221 Library, Information and Society
Block-1 Library and Information in Social Perspective
Unit-1 Libraries, Information and Knowledge-based Society
Unit-2...Read more
BLI-221 Library, Information and Society
Block-1 Library and Information in Social Perspective
Unit-1 Libraries, Information and Knowledge-based Society
Unit-2 Types of Libraries
Unit-3 Information Institutions
Unit-4 Laws of Library Science
Block-2 Library and Information related Legislation
Unit-5 Library Legislation and Model Public Library Acts/Bills
Unit-6 Library Legislation in Indian States - Their Salient Features
Unit-7 Other Information Related Legislations
Block-3 Resource Sharing and Library Networks
Unit-8 Resource Sharing
Unit-9 Library and Information Networks and Consortia
Unit-10 Library and Information Networks and Consortia: National and International
Block-4 Library and Information Profession and Related Agencies
Unit-11 Librarianship as a Profession
Unit-12 Ethical Issues in Librarianship
Unit-13 Role of Professional Associations
Unit-14 Organisations and Institutions Involved in the Development of Library and Information Services
BLI-222 Information Sources and Services
Block-1 Documentary Sources
Unit-1 Categorisation of Sources
Unit-2 Primary Sources
Unit-3 Secondary and Tertiary Sources
Unit-4 Criteria of Evaluation
Block-2 Non-Documentary Sources
Unit-5 Humans as Sources of Information
Unit-6 Institutions as Sources of Information
Unit-7 Media as Sources of Information
Block-3 Information Services
Unit-8 Information Services: An Overview
Unit-9 Types of Services: Reference Service, CAS, etc.
Unit-10 Literature Search and Database Services
Block-4 Information Use and User Studies
Unit-11 User Education and Information Literacy
Unit-12 User Studies
Unit-13 Information Use Studies
Unit-14 Marketing of Information Services
BLI-223 Organising and Managing Information
Block-1 Library Classification
Unit-1 Basic Concepts
Unit-2 Types of Classification
Unit-3 Postulation Approach
Unit-4 Comparative Study of Schemes of Classification
Block-2 Library Cataloguing
Unit-5 Basic Concepts
Unit-6 Types and Forms of Catalogues
Unit-7 Formats and Standards
Unit-8 Cataloguing of Non-Book Material
Block-3 Indexing
Unit-9 Basics of Subject Indexing
Unit-10 Indexing Languages
Unit-11 Indexing Techniques
Block-4 Recent Developments
Unit-12 Conceptual Changes: Impact of Technology
Unit-13 Online Catalogues: Design and Services
Unit-14 Overview of Web Indexing, Metadata, Interoperability and Ontologies
BLI-224 ICT Fundamentals
Block-1 Basics of ICT
Unit-1 Basics of Computer Technology
Unit-2 Basics of Communication Technology
Unit-3 Basics of Network Technology
Unit-4 Technology Convergence
Block-2 Middleware Technologies
Unit-5 Office Tools: Word Processing, Presentation and Spreadsheets
Unit-6 Database Management Systems
Unit-7 Multimedia
Block-3 Network Fundamentals
Unit-8 Network Topology
Unit-9 Communication Protocols and Network Addressing
Unit-10 Protocol Architecture
Unit-11 Network Applications and Management
Unit-12 Network Security
Block-4 Internet Tools and Services
Unit-13 E-mail and E-Messaging
Unit-14 World Wide Web
Unit-15 Search Engines
Unit-16 Interactive and Distributive Services
Question Papers
BLI-221, June: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-222, June: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-223, June: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-224, June: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-221, December: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-222, December: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-223, December: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-224, December: 2015 (Solved)

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