Manuscript and Manuscriptology in India: Book by Subodh Gopal Nandi

Manuscript and Manuscriptology in India

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ISBN: 9788174791054    Publisher: Kaveri Year of publishing: 2010     Format:  Hardcover Language: English
Preservation of manuscripts is a serious issue for the Librarians, Information Scientists and Archivists ever since human beings acquired the knowledge of writing. The manuscripts have the chances to be damaged...Read more
Preservation of manuscripts is a serious issue for the Librarians, Information Scientists and Archivists ever since human beings acquired the knowledge of writing. The manuscripts have the chances to be damaged by insects or due to tearing by use of rough handling; so it is most essential to repair these damages at the moment of identification. The preservation of manuscripts follows traditional as well as modern methods, which are scientific and preserve documents for further use. In traditional system of preservation herbals are used such as neem leaves, aswagandha leaves, dried ginger, kumkum fruit powder, sandal wood, turmeric powder, garlic, etc. In case of modern methods suitable chemicals are used for preservation. This work contains twenty-eight papers contributed by distinguished scholars from India. These articles, with notes references and bibliography are well illustrated and have shed illuminating light on various aspects of manuscript and manuscriptology as practised in India which focus on the following facets like, Manuscript writers; Manuscript research; Manuscript typology; Manuscript and use of colophons; Style of writing Manuscript; Manuscript editing; Manuscript centers; Manuscript collection; Manuscript storage and preservation; Manuscript conservation; Manuscript catalogue and cataloguing and Manuscript case studies. Contents Introduction; Chapter 1. Buddhism and Indo-Tibetan Literature: A Survey Linked to Manuscript and Xylographs in India S K Pathak; Chapter 2. Manuscript Catalogue and Cataloguing Alakananda Banerjee; Chapter 3. Arabic Manuscripts of Kerala A I Rahmathullah; Chapter 4. Jainism and Jain Manuscripts Jagat Ram Bhattacharyya; Chapter 5. Bhakti as Gleaned from the Manuscript of Chaitanya Charitamrita of Krishnadasa Kaviraja Pranabananda Jash; Chapter 6. Haracandra Tarkapancanana: A Little Known Scholar from Calcutta S Y Wakankar; Chapter 7. Vyadhibhaktitarangini and Goharivishahari Pujabidhi: A Study Amalendu Bhttacharjee and Jahar Kanti Sen; Chapter 8. The Manuscript of Sabitri Brata Katha: A Study of the 19th Century Prose Text of Barak Valley and its Context Dipendu Das; Chapter 9. Padmapuran: A Case Study of a Manuscript of 1878 in Barak Valley of South Assam Sanjib Deblaskar; Chapter 10. Un-published Chishti Sufi Literature in India in the 17th Century Muhammad Ismail; Chapter 11. Manuscripts of North East India: A Case Study of Tripura Projit Kumar Palit; Chapter 12. Angirasa Kalpa: A Study Pranati Mohapatra and Harekrushna Mishra; Chapter 13. Role of Manuscript in the Development of Chinese Writing System Avijit Banerjee; Chapter 14. The Development of Script for Nagamese Ajit Kumar Baishya; Chapter 15. Dimasa Writing System: A Linguistic Approach Kh. Dhiren Singha; Chapter 16. Problems in Editing the Sanskrit and the Tibetan Text of the Kamadhenu Lata Mahesh Deokar; Chapter 17. A Glimpse of Scientific Knowledge in Ancient India: Evidence of Manuscript Anita Bagchi; Chapter 18. Styles of Islamic Calligraphy in Manuscripts G S Khwaja; Chapter 19. Manuscript Use and Manuscript Preservation with Special Reference to Palm Leave Manuscripts Subodh Gopal Nandi; Chapter 20. Tagore, Visva-Bharati and Manuscriptology Buddhadev Acharya and Sailen Kumar De; Chapter 21. The Study of Manuscripts and Modern Critical Scholarship Jagatpati Sarkar; Chapter 22. Anatomy of Manuscripts Naba Gopal Roy; Chapter 23. History of the Catalogues of Sanskrit Manuscripts Mitali Chatterjee; Chapter 24. Cataloguing of Manuscripts and its Difficulties J Lalitha; Chapter 25. Traditional Methods of Preserving Manuscripts: An Overview Aarti Sharma and Suniti Bala; Chapter 26. Presevation, Conservation and Digitization of Manuscripts: Problems and Prospects: A Case Study of M M Central State Library, Patiala Rupinder Singh, Sanjeev Kumar and Deepak Agarwal, 27. Manuscript Collections in Indian Public Libraries Rani Syamalamba; Chapter 28. Manuscript Collections of South India M N Krishnakumar.
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