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Ocean Engineering: Book by Ramakrishnan, T V

Ocean Engineering

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ISBN: 9788189729110    Publisher: Genetech Year of publishing: 2007     Format:  Hardcover Language: English
The present book "Ocean Engineering" is very useful not only for engineering students but also for teachers and research scholars. The book carries important topics like Harbor Design, Oscila System, Oceanic...Read more
The present book "Ocean Engineering" is very useful not only for engineering students but also for teachers and research scholars. The book carries important topics like Harbor Design, Oscila System, Oceanic Biomedical Techniques, Mooring Line Geometry, Positioning of Submersibles and Surface Ships, Delta Project etc. This book is very useful not only for marine engineering students but also for research scholars and teachers. Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: The Harbor Design and the Design of The Oscilab; The suitable harbor design, The technique of harbor design, The bottom topography of a harbor, The oscilab system, The operational phases of the oscilab system, The preparation for submerging, Submerged-on site and submerged-emergency, The principal elements of the oscilab design; Chapter 3: Underwater Human Activity; Introduction, The saturation techniques, Underwater activity, The commercial diving and underwater mining, The underwater sources, Underwater drilling; Chapter 4: The Oceanic Biomedical Sciences; Introduction, The biomedical technicians, The decompression injuries, The physical process of decompression; Chapter 5: The Mooring Ropes; Introduction, The steel wire mooring line, The strength of ropes, The mooring line geometry; Chapter 6: The Nature of Waves in Oceans; Introduction, The mechanism of wave generation, Phillip's theory and mile's shear-flow hypothesis, The probability distributions, An explosion wave system, Propagation of waves in nonuniform depth, The breaking of wave transformation, The poincare waves; Chapter 7: The Positioning of Submersibles and Surface Ships; Introduction, The characteristics of submersible hulls, The utilization of force units, The types of propelling devices, The positioning-control criteria, The complete propulsion system; Chapter 8: The Air-Sea Interface; The transition techniques in ocean, The structural arrangement for sliding gantry, Details of standoff boom connections, The Handling system in cargo-transfer frame; Chapter 9: The Marine Science and resources policy; Introduction, The fishery resource management, Different phases of fishing, The fishing strategy; Chapter 10: The Oceanographic Variables; Classifications of coastal waters, The intensity of sea-air interactions, The coastal topography, Food from the sea; Chapter 11: Ice Problems in navigation; Introduction, The delta project, The behaviour of sea ice, The forces exerted by ice, The moving ice floes; Chapter 12: The Current Systems in the Oceans; The indian ocean basin, The atlantic ocean currents, The nature of southern ocean currents, The mediterranean sea currents; Chapter 13: The Human Impact on Coastal Topography and the Coastal Trapped Waves; Introduction, The importance of coastal engineering, The impact of humans on beaches, The nature of coastal-trapped waves; Chapter 14: The CFCs for Ocean Circulation Studies and the Chlorinated Hydrocarbons; introduction, The applications of CFCs, The presence of DDT and PCBs in marine environment.
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