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Plant Viruses and Virus Diseases: Book by F.C. Bawden

Plant Viruses and Virus Diseases

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ISBN: 9788176220644    Publisher: Biotech Year of publishing: 2008     Format:  Hardcover No of Pages: 352        Language: English
The subject of Plant Viruses and Virus diseases are receiving increasing attention at the hands of research scholars such as Chemists, Crystallographers, Entomologists, Geneticists, Serologists, Physicists...Read more
The subject of Plant Viruses and Virus diseases are receiving increasing attention at the hands of research scholars such as Chemists, Crystallographers, Entomologists, Geneticists, Serologists, Physicists etc. They are able to bring fresh techniques to the subject. The book is an attempt to describe and correlate the advances that have been made so far in the study of plant viruses, and virus diseases. During the past few years, many new virus diseases have been described, some of great economic importance and some with novel kinds of symptoms; much has been done on the factors that affect spread; and insect vectors have been identified in species of insects previously not incriminated. More viruses have been purified and their chemical constitution has been further elucidated, and the advances in electron microscopy have provided much information on their morphology. All these developments have been incorporated in the book. The book is a treasure for Agriculture and Horticulture Departments and all those interested in these subjects. Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Definition of Subject, Economic Importance, Historical, Views on the Nature of Viruses, Nomenclature, Chapter 2: External Symptoms of Infected Plants; Range of Host Plant Reactions, Type Diseases, Virus Strains, Effects of Environment on Symptoms, Chapter 3: Internal Symptoms of Infected Plants; Intracellular Inclusions Formed by Tobacco Mosaic Viruses, Possible Relationship Between Tobacco Mosaic Viruses and the Intracellular Inclusions, Intracellular Inclusions Caused by Viruses Other Than Tobacco Mosaic, Internal Changes Other Than Intracellular Inclusions, Chapter 4: Methods of Transmission; Grafting and the Use of Dodder, Inoculation with Plant Extracts, Transmission by Insects, Seed Borne Viruses, Soil Borne Viruses, Chapter 5: The Relations Between Viruses and their Vectors; Viruses which Persist in their Insect Vectors, Latent Period and Virus Multiplication in Vectors, Viruses Whose Vectors Soon Lose Infectivity, Effect of the Number of Insects in Transmitting, Chapter 6: Mutation, Interference Between Strains, and Recovery from Disease; Kinds of Variation, Origin of Variation, Acquired Immunity, Chapter 7: Serological Reactions of Plant Viruses; Preparation of Antisera, Methods of Testing, The Antigenicity of Plant Viruses, Neutralisation of Infectivity, Specificity of Serological Reactions, Effect of Particle Shape of Serological Reactions, Chapter 8: Quantitative Methods of Assaying for Viruses; The Use of Local Lesions, Starch Iodine Lesions, The Use of Preciptin Tests, Chapter 9: The Purification of Viruses; Treatment of Plants, Tobacco Mosaic and Other Anisometric Viruses, Tomato Bushy Stunt and other Crystalline Viruses, High Speed Centrifugation, Activity of Purifie Preparations, Proteins from Healthy Plants, Chapter 10: Chemical and Physical Properties of Purified Virus Preparations; Elementary Composition, Isolation and Properties of Nucleic Acid, The Denatured Protein, Specific Volume and Hydration, Precipitation and Isoelectric Points, Chapter 11: The Crystallinity of Plant Viruses; Optical Properties of Crystals, Anistropy of Flow and the Layering Phenomenon, Crystal and Liquid Crystals, Chapter 12: The Estimation of Particle Sizes; Filtration, Sedimentation and Diffusion, Microscopy and X-ray Diffraction, Additional Methods, The Aggregation of Anisometric Viruses, Chapter 13: Types of Inactivation; Inhibition of Infectivity, Inactivation Without Lossof Serological Activity, Inactivation and Denaturation, Chapter 14: Taxonomy of Viruses; Nomenclature and Classification, The Grouping of Virus Strains, The Formation of Larger Groups, Chapter 15: Virus Diseases and Host Plant Physiology; Host Plant Metabolism and Susceptibility, Effects of Viruses on Host Plant Metabolism, The Movement of Viruses, Chapter 16: Control Measures Against Virus Diseases; Curative Treatments, General Measures, Insect Borne Viruses, Viruses Transmitted Mechanically, Chapter 17: Speculations on the Origins of Viruses.
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