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Successful Poultry Management 2nd edn: Book by Morley Allan Jull

Successful Poultry Management 2nd edn

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ISBN: 9788176220552    Publisher: Biotech Year of publishing: 2013     Format:  Hardcover No of Pages: 448        Language: English
Based on working data drawn from researches and the experiences of established poultry raisers, the present aptly illustrated book is a complete and comprehensive work that presents the available information...Read more
Based on working data drawn from researches and the experiences of established poultry raisers, the present aptly illustrated book is a complete and comprehensive work that presents the available information on all such factors that determine success in the various branches of the poultry work: culling, breeding, renewing the flock, brooding and housing, feeding and nutrition, diseases and their control, cleaning and maintenance of poultry house, grading and packaging of eggs and dressed poultry, and even marketing. Besides discussing the principles and processes involved in all these areas, the emphasis has been on the factors affecting the quality of eggs and chicken meat. Incorporating carefully chosen illustrations, bibliographic references and an exhaustive index for easy reference hunting, the book should be highly useful for students, researchers as well as commercial and other producers. Chapter 1: Keeping Good Stock; Securing Results from Present-day Flocks, Eliminating Mongrel Stock, Selecting Purebred STock, Choosing a Profitable Breed or Variety, Participating in Poultry Shows, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 2: Culling to Maintain Efficient Production; Preparing to Cull, Culling the Growing Stock, Culling the Laying Stock, Judging for Egg Production, Adopting and Carrying Out a Culling Program, Calculating Average Production per Bird, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 3: Breeding for More Efficient Production; Laying Out a General Breeding Program, Breeding for Better Viability, Breeding for More Efficient Meat Production, Breeding for More Efficient Egg Production, Breeding for Better Eggs, Breeding According to Progeny Test, Establishing a Breeding Program for a Commercial Hatchery, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 4: Renewing the Flock; Determining the Best Time to Renew the Flock, Selecting and Holding Hatching Eggs, Purchasing Hatching Eggs, Hatching Chicks Under Hens, Hatching Chicks in Incubators, Keeping Incubation Records and Determining Costs, Securing Chicks from a Hatchery, Judging Baby Chicks, Shipping Baby Chicks, Purchasing "Started" Chicks, Purchasing Ready-to-lay Pullets, Purchasing Caponized Chicks, Caponizing, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 5: Brooding and Housing the Growing Stock; Brooding Chicks with Hens, Brooding Chicks Artificially, Building Colony Brooder Houses, Providing Good Brooder-house Equipment, Rearing Chickens on Clean Range, Keeping Records and Comparing Fuel Costs in Brooding, Raising Broilers Commercially, Raising Chickens in Batteries, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 6: Housing the Laying Flock; Selecting a Good Location, Selecting a Type of House, Providing Satisfactory Housing Conditions, Building the Laying House, Managing the Laying House, Giving the Layers Access to Range, Keeping Layers in Cages, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 7: Providing Chickens with Good Nutrition; Choosing Nutrients on the Basis of their Purposes, Providing Nutrients Necessary for Good Growth, Providing Nutrients Necessary for High Egg Production, Securing Nutrients from Various Sources, Buying Feed on Basis of Quality, Guarding Against Unsatisfactory Diets, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 8: Feeding for Efficient Meat and Egg Production; Preparing Wall-balance Formulas, Choosing Methods of Feeding, Feeing Growing Chicks, Determining Pounds of Feed per Pound Gain in Growth, Developing the Pullets, Feeding the Laying Stock, Determining Pounds of Feed per Dozen Eggs Produced, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 9: Controlling Losses from Mortality and Other Causes; Estimating the Cost of Mortality, Controlling Lice, Controlling Mites, Controlling Ticks and Fleas, Controlling Worms, Controlling Diseases Caused by Protozoa, Controlling Diseases Caused by Bacteria, Controlling Virus Diseases, Controlling Other Diseases, Keeping Losses from Mortality at a Minimum, Cleaning a Poultry House, Handling Disease Outbreaks, Controlling Losses from Various Troubles, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 10: Marketing Eggs; Candling Eggs to Determine Quality, Producing Good Eggs, Judging Eggs, Grading Eggs, Packaging Egs, Marketing Shell Eggs, Determining the Cost of Marketing Shell Eggs, Marketing Frozen and Drid Eggs, Preserving Eggs at Home, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 11: Marketing Chickens; Classifying and Grading Live Poultry, Judging Live Market Poultry, Choosing a Method of Marketing Live Poultry, Shippng Live Poultry, Killing, Plucking, and Drawing Chickens, Preparing Chicken Meat for Selling in Different Forms, Classifying and Grading Dressed Poultry, Judging Dressed Poultry, Packing Dressed Poultry, Marketing and Storing Dressed Poultry, Determining Cost of Marketing Live and Dressed Poultry, Supplementary Activities, Chapter 12: Making a Success of the Chicken Business; Qualifying as a Successful Poultryman, Comparing Cost Factors in a Poultry Enterprise, Producing Broilers Economically, Raising Pullets Economically, Producing Eggs Economically, Supplementary Activities.
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