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   Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard

     Author: Kiran Desai

    Format:  Paperback?
    Publisher: Penguin Books India
    ISBN: 0140272585
    Seller: Prakash Books
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   Book Review
"She is a delightfully funny, amiable satirist..."
"There are no grand, mythic visions at work in 'Hullabaloo', no ambitious displays of magical realism. Rather, the novel stands as a meticulously crafted piece of gently comic satire -- a small, finely tuned fable that attests to the author's pitch-perfect ear for character and mood, and her natural storytelling gifts....Ms. Desai has made a modest but enchanting debut."
"With this spritely first novel, Kiran Desai takes her place among the pack of gifted young Indian writers....This is a tale of people trapped by the demands of a half-crazed world."
"[An] enchanting first novel..."
"[A] clever, haunting parable that expresses the joys of simplicity while conveying the absurdities of everyday corruption in contemporary India....[T]he novel succeeds as a spectacularly fresh vision."
Sampath Chawla is a failure--at school, at work, at life in general. Then, quite unexpectedly, he achieves fame and recognition as a holy man. A "New York Times" Notable Book for 1998.
   Publisher's Note
In this wryly hilarious yet poignant story of life, love, and family relationships, a young man climbs into a guava tree and becomes unintentionally famous as a holy man.
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