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Did you know that even the scariest of dreams could come alive with classic horror and ghost story books? These books entail some of the most spine chilling stories of all times. A horror story does not necessarily have to be a story of ghosts. There are many situations that induce an uncanny feeling in us. Classic horror writers know how to build a story to provide you the best of spooky entertainment.

Rediff Books brings to you a comprehensive range of classic horror and ghost stories at bargain rates. These interesting books come with stories that are mysterious, intriguing and might even leave your mind boggled.

The classic ghost and horror stories also include many children friendly books. These books use the horror element in such as way that it would not trigger any harmful effect on the minds of children. Many of these books present tales of supernatural sleuths who challenge the existence of the ghosts. From reminiscence to spirituality, different kinds of plots are used in different books. We offer you a huge collection of classic horror and ghost story books, so that you can choose according to your requirements

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Variety of Books: Rediff Books has a remarkable collection of classic ghost and horror books. You will find some popular classic books in this genre. You will find a book that matches your choice. It is always good idea to choose from a wide collection of books. Whether you are looking for simple children's books like A Christmas Carol or a typical gothic horror story book like Frankenstein, you will find almost everything, only on Rediff Books.

Bestsellers: Classic bestsellers like the All Saints' Eve, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Haunted House, Tales of Mystery and the Supernatural, etc. are available on Rediff Books. Some of these books are limited edition books. Make sure that you buy these books before they run out of the stock.

Well Known Authors: We provide you books from famous authors like Charles dickens, Oscar Wilde, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Dr. Siv Jansson and Robert Louis Stevenson. All these authors have unique way of storytelling that will keep you entertained when reading.

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