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Who cares about Economic History? After all, it is a mere account of what happened during the Great Depression or the Renaissance! The answer is that leading economists and historians could not have become successful and effective without an insight into Economic History. The reason is that this domain helps economists draw inferences from actual happenings and data to arrive at possible conclusions about their own theories. A good look into the Economic History during the time of the Great Depression can help understand the 2008 financial crisis in the US. No wonder then that history (especially Economic History) is the greatest teacher.

The study of economic phenomena that have occurred in the past can be focused on diverse aspects. So, whether you are searching for books related to demographics or labor, or you are interested in Business History or Financial History, you can find it on Rediff Books. If you have any questions related to the various economies of the world, from the medieval period to the current century, the answers lie in the books on Economic History. How did the Industrial Revolution change the economies of so many countries? Why did the Japanese economy go into recession in the 1990s? With the turn of the millennium, how did China achieve the highest GDP growth in the world? How did decentralization impact the Indian economy? Whatever your question, Rediff Books brings you a wide collection of books on Economic History to help you find the answer.

Bestsellers: Many of the books available on Rediff Books are bestsellers and have been liked by innumerable readers worldwide. Some of these books include Economic History of Early Medieval Northern India by Gian Chand Chauhan, Global Economic History by Robert C. Allen, The Cambridge Economic History of the United States by Stanley L. Engerman, Robert E. Gallman and many more. These books discuss on some very interesting topics and are written in a manner that is effective in holding onto your interest from the beginning till the end.

Famous Authors: Rediff Books offers a vast assortment of books on Economic History written by world famous authors, such as, Stephen Broadberry, Amiya Kumar Bagchi, N. Jayapalan, and Teotonio R. de Souza (Ed.) Books written by these scholars are sure to provide you useful information in a lucid style of writing. You can read about the author of your chosen book on our website.

Great Variety: On Rediff Books, you will find books on a wide variety of subjects and issues, allowing you to compare several options before selecting one. Now get books on economic history that touch upon topics like the history of inequality around the world, the age of capital (1848-1875), firms, networks and business values, the U.S labor in trouble and transition, and the history of ancient Indian economy. Our collection of books caters to readers of every taste and needs. We offer a complete collection of both fundamental and advanced books on economic history.

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