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Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945) (163,540 books)

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Romance (35,879 books)

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Crime & mystery (33,687 books)

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Thriller / suspense (31,912 books)

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Adventure (26,436 books)

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Fiction Books to Paint Your Imagination!

Are you ready to transport yourself into a world full of drama, humour and suspense?? If yes, then grab a must read fiction novel and experience a journey like never before. If you are diehard romantic, a romance tale will enhance your tenderness and warmth. On the other hand, suspense lovers will find enough material to crack the mysteries of murder and abduction in bestselling thrillers. There is a wide variety in fiction books and all of these are available on Offering a plethora of books at exciting offers and prices along with cash on delivery, we make sure that the books reach you in just 4-5 working days. Come explore our library, where you will find something or the other to amuse you. Some of the genres that the fiction catalogue of offers include:


If you love reading romance stories and appreciate the idea of two people standing up for true love against the wishes of their families, then buy a mushy novel. It will further strengthen your belief in human relationships and ignite the passion in your affair. Some amazing titles from world-famous authors are available on our site. You can purchase these volumes at great prices along with easy payment options.

Suspense and Thriller

From a teenager to adults, all love to read stories that are thrilling and exciting. This is a genre that is appreciated by most of us. A good thriller story keeps the reader enticed till the very end. Keeping the thrill intact, there are innumerable titles based on suspense and thriller as the main themes on Therefore now you can purchase as many books as you want that too at some exciting prices.


For people who seek excitement in life and love exciting journeys, here is a great chance for you to grab your favourite novel from our adventure collection. Such a wide range will surely not upset you. These books from famous authors and publishers are available at discounted rates only for our customers.

Modern and Contemporary

A lot of books based on modern lives are also available. One can very much relate to the content of these novels, since the situations appear to be realistic and hold importance in today's world. So you can also lay your hands on one of these titles and come closer to reality.

Thus, if you are an avid reader, this is definitely a haven for you. Just hop on the catalogue, explore the products and place your order now.

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