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Teacher Education Curriculum: Book by Mahabir Yadav

Teacher Education Curriculum

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ISBN: 9788174791108    Publisher: Kaveri Year of publishing: 2010     Format:  Hardcover No of Pages: 324        Language: English
The book provides a holistic view of the National Curriculum Framework developed through consultations held with public, employers, educational experts and practitioners in the field of education and development...Read more
The book provides a holistic view of the National Curriculum Framework developed through consultations held with public, employers, educational experts and practitioners in the field of education and development in general, and school education in particular. The coverage includes all aspect of the school curriculum ranging from conceptualization of school education with its link to the task of national development, its implications for school practice, and the challenge preparing efficient teaching force. The ideas presented in the book are the outcome of individual thinking of the professionals and practitioners tempered by interaction with experts in respective field. Synthetic view presented in the beginning and towards the end adds value to the book. Implications for practice of school education and teacher training will be quite helpful to teachers and teacher educators to refine their thoughts and practice. The outcome will be the well equipped citizens of tomorrow. Contents Section I: Perspectives on National Curriculum Framework-2005 Chapter 1: Organizational Structure by Mahabir Yadav; Chapter 2: Teacher Education in India: Issues and Concerns by S: K: Yadav; Chapter 3: Learning Together to Achieve Excellence by N K Jangira; Chapter 4: Teacher's Empowerment via National Curriculum Framework by Nakhat Nasri & Sarwat F: Usmani; Chapter 5: Trends in Teacher Education Curriculum by M.S: Chhikara; Chapter 6: Changing Needs of Teacher Education Programme by Sushil Dhiman; Chapter 7: Reflection on Present Day Teacher Education Curriculum by Nasrin and Afshan Anees; Chapter 8: Opportunities of Reflective Practice in Pre-Service Teacher Education Programme: As Projected by National Curriculum Framework-2005 by Arti Srivastava; Chapter 9: A Plea for Two Year B: Ed: (Regular) Program by L.C: Singh and Sudarshan Mishra. Section II: Innovative Practices in Teacher Education Chapter 10: Evaluation Practices in Teacher Education in the Context of NCF-2005 by Sudarshan Mishra; Chapter 11: Innovations in Teacher Education by Aashim and Bhawna Sharma; Chapter 12: Preparation of Science Teachers in View of NCF-2005 by Subhash Chandra:; Chapter 13: Innovative Practices and Ideas in Teacher Education: In the Light of National Curriculum Framework-2005 by Talat Jamil; Chapter 14: Role of Constructivist Pedagogy in Teacher Education Programme by S.K: Mohanty; Chapter 15: Role of Educational Technology: Towards the Management of Learning Disabilities in the Classroom by Amita Puri and Mahabir Yadav; Chapter 16: Somatic Inkblot Series (SIS): An Introduction by Amita Puri and Mahabir Yadav; Chapter 17: Implementing the NCF-2005: Vision of Teacher Education by Vandana Ghai; Chapter 18: Constructivist Classroom Activities for Biology Learning by Bharti Dogra. Section III: Curriculum Transaction Chapter 19: Integration of ICT in Pre-Service Secondary Teacher Education Curriculum by Susanta Kumar Pathy; Chapter 20: Curriculum Framework for Quality Teacher Education in Indian Scenario by Rekha Rani; Chapter 21: Dynamic Assessment of the Evolving Cognitive Functions in Children by Amita Puri and Mahabir Yadav; Chapter 22: Gender Issues in Education by Gouri Srivastava; Chapter 23: Construction and Standardization of Pupil Classroom Learning Behaviour Observation Schedule by Mahabir Yadav; Chapter 24: Characteristics of Good Grammar Presentation by Amita Puri and Mandeep Bhalla; Chapter 25: Relationship of Pupils-Classroom Learning Behaviour of High and Low Achievers in High Schools of Delhi by Mahabir Yadav; Chapter 26: Contextual Learning in Biology by Bharti Dogra. Section IV: Reflections on the Current Curriculum Chapter 27: Privatization and Secondary Teacher Education: Issues and Challenges by Bhanu Pratap Pritam; Chapter 28: Population Education: Role of Teacher Education by Saroj Bala Yadav; Chapter 29: Reflection on Teacher Education and NCF-2005 by Rubina Shahnaz, Anjum Ahmad and Aftab A: Ansari; Chapter 30: Teacher Education Curriculum in the Context of Globalization, Liberalization and Privatization (GLP) by Shineh Suri; Chapter 31: Need for Change in Roles and Perceptions of Teacher Education with Reference to NCF-2005 by J: N: Baliya; Chapter 32: Beyond Cognition by Sushma Sharma and Amita Puri; Chapter 33: Enhancing Understanding of the Terms Commonly used Clinically by Amita Puri; Chapter 34: Digital Language Laboratory and the Teaching of English in India by Pranita Gopal.
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