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Books are man\'s best friend!

It is commonly said that books are man\'s best friend. This is all the more true in case of kids and teenagers, as this is the age when a child evolves the healthy habit of reading and developing an everlasting friendship with books. Also, parents and elders can strengthen their bonds with their little angels by reading stories for kids/children. Therefore, is providing you some of the best titles in the children books category so that your connection with your kid blossoms further. You can buy these books which have great stories for kids/ children at an attractive price range along with easy payment option of cash on delivery. So come and browse through our catalogue that offers a gamut of books for kids and teenagers:

Early learning material

Spark your child\'s curiosity with fun filled activities and interesting tasks viz. counting from 1 to 100, making him or her fill colours in beautiful images, develop speaking abilities etc. To help your child grow and hone his/her skills, there are a plethora of children\'s books based on early learning ability available at So, this year on his or her birthday when your little champion turns a year older, gift them an interactive activity book or a picture book to develop their creativity.

Educational books

For school going children books from educational collection at are a great buy. Various volumes are available on diverse subjects such as history, English, mathematics, general sciences, social education etc. These will not only help in providing extra assistance to the school curriculum, but will also widen the horizons of knowledge of your children. So do not wait, just hop on the site and buy these reference books for your junior geniuses.

Fictional Work

This is the most loved category of children\'s books. The text books may take a backseat sometimes, but these fictional tales can never lose their charm. These fiction books flooded with grandpa\'s and grandma\'s moral stories, thrilling and suspense tales, stories of superheroes etc. are very popular among the budding champions. So buy one for your kid and bring a smile on his or her face.

With so much of choice that too at affordable prices, you need not look elsewhere to buy the best book for your child. Explore the catalogue, select the best title and place your order today!

Teenage Love Stories

This is the most fascinating stage of life where everything seems to be so great. Everyone has their teenage love stories and what\'s better if you have a collection of books which connects to you in some way or the other. Rediff books shopping has a fantastic range of teenage love stories collection from where you can make choice as per your choice.

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