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Business Books in your budget!

It is imperative for all management students to read books filled with a heavy dose of policy making, financial strategies, industrial management etc. Usually these self-help books are hard to find or out of reach because of the exorbitant prices offered at the local bookstores. In such cases, students need to borrow these insightful volumes or rely on inferior reference material. However, to end the woes of students, has brought out an extensive range of business books in your budget. In addition to heavy discounts, the portal is also offering cash on delivery payment mode to its buyers for utmost convenience. So, come and explore our collection of the best business books from eminent authors and renowned publishers:

Books on Industrial Studies

If you want to understand labour laws and industrial policies with ease, then grab some good guides from the business books collection available at These volumes will make the topic interesting and a gamut of sample papers and activities attached in it will make you understand the subject in practical terms. So if you want good results in your upcoming exams, then these are your best bet.

Finance and Accounts Guides

This is one subject that takes life out of the students. The cash flow concept, profit & loss statements, ledger entries etc. all appear like demons ready to pounce on you during the examination season. Therefore to fight these monsters, is offering some amazing business books that will not only make your fundamental concepts strong, but also provide practice papers and questions to help you get good grades.


Analyse the production, consumption and distribution of goods and services with the help of these economic books that will give you deeper insights into the subject.


Learning the theories of Business management will now become a cakewalk with these business books that will not only guide you, but also help you in self-assessment. These come loaded with mock papers for practice. Available at exciting prices only on, the wide catalogue of these textbooks will surely take you by surprise.

So if you want to save some amount from your pocket money to get a Valentine's Day gift, then buy all your business books from at the best price. Place your order today!

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